About Photonscribbles


Not revealing a lil bit about me would be unfair before burdening you guys with my silly attempts.
Photography..hmm..now what about that?
Probably a fascination to capture elements of life as I see....
or to just lock memories before they dare go away ..I really don't know. Wish I could paint, create snapshots with colours, or may be write thoughts just the way they bubble in my heart.
But this cute device called camera is something that lets me freeze whtz splashed before me. And yeah..how could I forget,lets me just forget the harshness around and indulge without guilt.

Just an amatuer, and here to share and learn, and get that ego boost when I utter oh yeah I have a photoblog too:P :)
I started with my mobile camera, and inspiration from other passionate shutterbugs just triggered it into a hobby, specially ConvexClix who does magic with his skills and turns them into something that spreads so much happiness.

Photography Equipment