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Charming innocence
4 April 2009

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9 September 2008

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simple si life
26 July 2008

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Every morning
12 June 2008

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Up Close and Personal
11 June 2008

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My angel
10 June 2008

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Haunted (2)
17 March 2008

Recent Comments

Francesca on gaping wounds
Wow! Creative idea, very well executed. :)

nomora on simple si life
a beautiful capture! I can hear the early morning birds chirping in the background and the milkman's cycle bell ...

Priya Dubey Sah on Charming innocence
I have wondered at the failure of several photographers, who try to capture the essence of our country. Yes, they fail, ...

Katalog Stron on mellowed to that tender light
nice image,exellent compo,bravo

Swati Naik on green and barren
Could be really nice if you removed the bottom parts of it with the trees, etc. Just the branches against the sky.

Swati Naik on efforts
Sonali, to preserve the mystery of it, cut the picture from the bottom horizontal half, from where the blue velevety ...

Swati Naik on tears, moments n U
Quite lovely. The effect you've given is quite wonderful too. Remove the glowy neon sign from it, though.

Swati Naik on Life's litmus test! Half full or half empty?
I like it very much. It's the best in your arsenal of B/W photographs.

Swati Naik on untitled glint
Umm, about my position on you doing jewellery photography, this doesn't work as well. Too much going on.

Swati Naik on Corroded to the core or is the Vision sharpening?
Like the rust. Like the shadows. Love the color of the whole thing. Should have been sharper, though.

Swati Naik on siamese memories
It's pretty. You should do more jewellery photography. :)

Swati Naik on Charming innocence
This is a nice shot. You've caught him jumping through air and light. It captures something truly momentous.

S on Ode To Beauty
.....Tears? and your smile (believe it or not) :)

S on mellowed to that tender light
this pic beautifully depicts that, in the essence. I doesn't have anything except the light, nothing else can ...

S on mellowed to that tender light
That mellowed light seems to draw all the goodness from this world, towards itself, which is making it more beautiful ...

rain girl on siamese memories
nice click. and beautiful thought :* hugs!

Rishi on Ode To Beauty
nice shot... you used a tripod for this one??

amrita on Rhythm Divine
oh I love the last line!

kaalicharan on test
Perfect for the concert advert...Leo effect:) PS Who's the guitarist? ;)

Rakesh Vanamali on Charming innocence
Why no updates?

red soul on Charming innocence
there has been no update since a long time :( whatsup shona

e. on Charming innocence
wonderful capture of a moment in time.

Gabor on Charming innocence
That is such a nice shot.

Anonymous on tears, moments n U
You should be even more glad for being able to capture it so beautifully in your words.

Apurva Ranjan on Hues of pride
Love the imagination.. coin - tricolour combination is astounding. In fact your entire collection is awesome! Btw, are ...

ConvexClix on Charming innocence
Ahaa. My little kid is back with her Canon toy :) Love

Calvy on Charming innocence
Delightful capture Sona ji! I'm nostalgic...yet again!

Rishi on Charming innocence
like the theme for the shot... takes one down the memory lane...

Kaddy on Charming innocence
lovely shot... nice little piece of literature also!!!

Rads on Charming innocence
dats a cool shot. love the light. it reminded me of my school days too. we were so free to do anything. nice post.

Ricky on Charming innocence
Reminds me so much of the school days and the way we would run back home after the last bell.

Fliss on Charming innocence
I think that India would be a very interesting place to visit...

Rakesh Vanamali on Charming innocence
Wonderful capture! A very rich theme! Good to have stumbled upon the blog of a fellow Puneite ;)

Standley on Charming innocence
Yes I remember those days. Great composition with the kid running out of the picture!

Alun Lambert on Charming innocence
cool, lovely image

Michael Rawluk on Charming innocence
I do remember those days. A very faint memory. I love the composition with the kid rushing out of the frame.

akarui on Charming innocence
Wellcome back! Nice to see the low sunlight entering inside, a shop?

vikra on Charming innocence
i remember running around after school..faded memories ahhh...i wish i could be a child again

Joey on Charming innocence
Yea I remember those days... rushing back from school :) Wish I was there again... Very nice photo!

Saeed on Charming innocence
interesting shot :)

red soul on gaping wounds
oooooooooooo nice!

Desparado on gaping wounds
imaginative melancholic blue....poignant grief!!

4ah on gaping wounds

Pravin Paratey on gaping wounds
>:D< Beautiful! Send me the large version of this one.

ConvexClix on gaping wounds
Its very sad :( Update update update to cover it please :)

Veronelle on gaping wounds
snifff, mon coeur est brisé ! c'est triste !

Desparado on Random joy..
The pursuit of happiness that we as humans are so inclined on is depicted best in our puerile versions and this girl ...

Desparado on gaping wounds
Boy! Now that's a hyper creative shot!

rain girl on gaping wounds
love the concept...

Ricky on gaping wounds
Wow...what a dramatic shot :-)

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